A Crying Need For A Funeral Planner

With every passing day, the rising of the sun will inevitably be accompanied by the deaths of thousands of Americans—many of whom will have departed without leaving behind a plan. 

We are not referring to wills or estate plans, however. Instead, we are concerned with the immediate issues that those who are left behind often grapple with on behalf of the deceased—finding a funeral home, choosing a cemetery or urn, picking between types of flowers, deciding on a charity, and determining the cost involved. 

Many people will claim, “My kids know what I want,” and others may simply decide on cremation. Yet, most families remain unaware of the fact that the cost of cremation exceeds $5,000 at most funeral homes. On the other hand, burials can cost upwards of $25,000. Accordingly, these skyrocketing expenses serve only to place additional financial strain on already grieving families. 

“We believe a turn-key approach to funeral planning is long overdue in this country. The increasing necessity for assistance in the funeral planning process constitutes the people’s need for a ‘Funeral Planner.’” 

At present, countless institutions provide elements of what may be called a “Personal Planning Guide.” Yet, none will assign to you an independent funeral planner with whom to consult in advance regarding the potentially costly details that most funeral home representatives avoid confronting. 

We are not speaking of “family service counselors” who discuss funeral policies and operate under the umbrella of the funeral home itself, nor are we referring to your personal financial advisor, who likely is unable to distinguish from one funeral home to the next. Rather, we are talking about an independent “Funeral Planner” who works not for the funeral home, but instead for the people, and will assist families in times of grief and distress when the time comes to plan a funeral. 

Now, why would you be in need a funeral planner? Quite simply, a funeral planner is a personal guide who works to save you time and money. A funeral planner will extensively work the entire network for you, from comparing across multiple funeral homes to locating the best local funeral service providers. 

It is undoubtedly in the people’s best interests to recognize how the funeral industry has long taken over consumer checkbooks during times of countless families’ greatest hardship—the loss of a loved one. In order to combat misleading funeral home tactics geared towards collecting more of your money than what is necessary, it is in your best interest to hire a funeral planner. Most funeral planners will charge between $100 – $250 per consultation, which in turn saves families hundreds, if not thousands, on burial and/or cremation services. 

Stephanie Salcedo (832-953-4229) at “Secure Your Legacy” is an independent funeral planner who, when it comes to funeral planning, will work not for the funeral home, but instead for you. She will guide you and your family through times of need and assist you in every aspect of funeral planning, including shopping for a casket and flowers, examining options for either cremation or a burial plot, and organizing a veteran’s burial should you require one. In the end, Stephanie’s expertise and qualifications will not only save you money but also help you plan the perfect funeral for your loved ones. 

The time to act is now. It is highly recommended that you share this information with your children, siblings, neighbors, and fellow members of your community, as it is important to always be prepared to take action following the loss of a loved one. 

You are welcome to attend a free, educational funeral planning workshop entitled “The Untold Story of the Funeral Industry,” where you will learn how to save hundreds, if not thousands, on end-of-life planning.

Attend the next workshop on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019 at 2 p.m. in Cypress, TX to learn more. Seating is limited; please R.S.V.P by email (info@sylegacy.net) or call (832)953-4229. 


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