How Do I Sell a Cemetery Plot?

Selling a cemetery plot was more difficult in the past. There wasn’t really any interest in buying burial spots from people, as they were buying it directly from the cemetery. However, we have seen some changes in the funeral industry in recent years.

The most notable change is that more people decide to be cremated instead of buried. The trend is so prevalent that some estimates discover that by 2035, around 80% of people will choose cremation as their preferred choice of disposition.

As a result, over a million owned burial plots are no longer needed. So, how can you sell your cemetery plot?

Tips on How to Sell Your Cemetery Plot

The only way to sell your plot back in the day was to put a little ad in the newspaper or tell your friends and family about it, hoping that someone would need it. With the rise of the internet, we saw a surge of cemetery brokers who buy and sell burial plots. In addition, there is no more stigma around it, so many people list their burial plots on various websites. That means that selling your cemetery plot is easier than ever before, but going with a broker is the best idea since the demand has decreased.

Although paper ads are outdated, word of mouth is still an excellent way to sell your cemetery plot. You can talk to people in your local church or retirement home and see if anybody’s interested. It is a great incentive for people to save considerably on funeral arrangements.

Here are some tips on how to sell your cemetery plot:

  • Research the value and set a realistic price.

Since the demand for burial plots has decreased, you need to be realistic about your asking price. Also, consider the timeframe and don’t expect to make a sale right away. 

  • Check if the cemetery wants to buy back the plot.

Some cemeteries buy back unwanted plots, so you can always check with the one where your parcel is located. However, most places have a print in their terms where they state the right to buy back any plot at an original price.

  • Check your terms agreement.

Some cemeteries have weird terms limiting what you can do with your burial plot. That’s why you need to check it before deciding to sell.

  • Find a cemetery broker.

The best way to sell your plot is to find a cemetery broker, as they have plenty of experience and a list of interested buyers. That can significantly speed up the selling process.

Where to Find a Cemetery Broker?

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