How Much Do Cemetery Plots Cost?

Did you know that funerals can cost thousands of dollars? Buying a cemetery plot is quite costly, and the other expenses can quickly add up. That’s why it is vital to go over all possible costs before deciding so that you can locate any potential to save.

Hiring a cemetery broker can cut your costs, as their job is to find you the best burial plot within your budget. So, working with them can help you save thousands of dollars.

So, how much does a burial spot cost?

What Influences the Cemetery Plot Price?

How much you pay for your burial plot is influenced by several things, including:

  • Whether the cemetery is private or public
  • The location of the cemetery
  • The size of the selected plot
  • Plot location

Cemeteries in nice neighborhoods with higher living costs are also more expensive. In addition, if you want proximity to a lake, statue, or another landmark, you’ll have to pay more.

Public cemetery plots are the best option for those with smaller budgets, as the average price is between $500 and $2500. Smaller plots designed for cremated remains are even less expensive. 

However, buying a plot in a private cemetery is much more expensive, and you may end up having to spend tens of thousands of dollars for some high-end places.

Can I Buy a Pre-Owned Cemetery Plot?

Absolutely! You can buy a burial plot from a private owner, which is usually cheaper. The price is set by:

  • Cemetery’s desirability
  • The initial price
  • The number of available spaces in the cemetery
  • The location
  • How quickly the owner wants to sell it

The best way to find a perfect cemetery plot is to hire a cemetery broker. They are just like the real estate agents for burial plots, so they can help find you an affordable option with all the additional requests you may have.

A Cemetery Broker in Missouri City and Sugar Land, Texas

Stephanie Salcedo from Secure Your Legacy is your local cemetery broker for Missouri City and Sugar Land, Texas. She can help you find the perfect budget-friendly burial spot and help you with all funeral arrangements. Give her a call at 832-953-4229 or fill out this contact form.


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