What Types of Cemetery Plots Are There?

Buying a cemetery plot requires going over several important questions. You should consider the costs, cemetery location, the type of plot, and other related factors. In addition, you should go over different options and decide if you want to buy directly from the cemetery or private owners. 

One of the vital questions is how you want to be buried and the type of burial plot. Let’s go over different types of cemetery plots to give you a better insight into your options.

The Most Common Types of Cemetery Plots

Choosing a burial plot is an essential part of planning a funeral. There are several different types, but we’ll go over the most common ones.

  • Traditional Single Space Plot

This is the most common burial plot available at cemeteries. It contains enough space for one casket.

  • Adjoining or Companion Plots

These cemetery plots have space for two caskets and are usually used by married couples. The companion spaces can be side by side, and it’s the most common option. Some cemeteries offer double depth plots, which is a single space grave that can accommodate two caskets on top of each other. This option is often cheaper, but it requires reopening and reclosing a grave since partners are likely to pass at different times.

  • Family Plots

A family burial plot consists of several spaces for multiple family members. Depending on the cemetery, you can purchase them in the same row, or they can be square or rectangle-shaped plots. 

  • Lawn or Mausoleum Crypts

Lawn crypts include graves lined with marble, steel, bronze, or another solid material. This protects the remains from the flood, and it can be used for single, adjoining, or family plots.

Mausoleum crypts are a little different, as the remains are located in the above-ground structure called a tomb. There are several different types and sizes.

  • Plots for Cremated Remains

Cemeteries have urn gardens, niches, and other smaller spaces where people can bury or put cremated remains of their loved ones. These cemetery plots are usually less expensive because they are smaller.

Where to Get a Cemetery Plot?

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