How Do I Purchase a Burial Plot

Buying a burial plot is a once-in-a-lifetime decision that can bring feelings of introspection and force us to face the reality of our mortality. In addition to the emotional toll, it can also be a considerable financial expense.

If you’ve decided that you want to purchase a cemetery plot, the first thing you’ll do is Google “burial plots for sale near me.” However, we propose a different approach, as there are many scammers out there, which is why you need to be extra careful.

Continue reading to learn some general tips on what you can do to find the right burial plot.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Burial Plot

Before buying a burial plot, you should decide on a few things. The vital thing is to:

  • Choose a cemetery
  • Pick a specific plot
  • Cover the purchase documentation and make payment

When selecting a cemetery, you need to consider burial options, proximity to family and friends, religious affiliations, visitation hours, and see if the management is doing a good job maintaining the lots.

You can inspect the esthetic beauty of the surrounding area, as it can significantly impact people’s experience when visiting. Consider how far a burial plot is located from the paved road. Parcels closer to the road are more accessible, but the ones further away offer a more private setting.

Other specific features like proximity to a pond, memorial, or significant sculpture could affect the price, which is why you should consider those factors as well.

Should You Buy a Burial Plot from a Cemetery or Private Seller?

You can buy a burial plot directly from a cemetery or a private seller. Direct purchases have been the most popular historically, as they offer you more flexibility. You can choose the type of your cemetery plot and select a location you like. However, that comes at a higher price.

Recently more people have started selling their unwanted burial plots, which increased the number of private sellers. These options are often less costly, but there are certain limitations, such as having a fixed location. In addition, many scams are running around, so people have complained about the lack of transparency of private sellers.

However, cemetery brokers have become a more popular option in recent years because they are safe and affordable. These people can help you find the most affordable burial plots and help people save considerably on funeral costs.

Cemetery Broker in Missouri City and Sugar Land, TX

If you want to purchase a burial plot in Missouri City, Sugar Land, or surrounding Texas areas, Stephanie Salcedo from Secure Your Legacy can help! She has over 16 years of cemetery broker experience, allowing her to find you the best locations at the most affordable prices. Click here to contact us and learn more.


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