Warning: Genetic Cancer Screening Scam

Stephanie from Secure Your Legacy:

I was at a local health fair some time ago when I was presented with the opportunity to provide senior citizens on Medicare with a free, genetic cancer screening exam. The San Antonio representative who approached me was proud to say that all genetic cancer screenings that I conducted would benefit me with a compensation of $500-$700 per exam. I was also told that I wasn’t required to have a specific license in order to offer this exam and that many other representatives were also offering it to seniors. At the time, I did not pursue this information because of my busy schedule. 

After a couple of months, however, another representative contacted me, this time over the phone. I then started to wonder if this could be a great way to help people obtain a free genetic cancer screening. During my 14+ years in the funeral industry, I have seen so many people pass due to cancer. I figured that, if this was my second time being contacted by an agent.  I should look further into this situation in order to see if it could potentially aid our senior population.
I began to research the company that had contacted me by the name of “American Family Financial” (https://affa.life/). I did my due diligence and contacted a few Medicare brokers in the industry, asking them if this was truly a legitimate service. However, even the top Medicare brokers in the U.S. that I had contacted had no clue what organization I was talking about.  Until we came across an article from CMS stating the following:

“A booth at a local health fair, senior housing, community center or home health agency is offering free health screenings, including genetic testing. The representative and or agent falsely promises that Medicare will pay for the test, and you simply need to provide a cheek swab, your ID and Medicare information to receive your test results. They may even ask for your doctor’s name, implying that they will send your results to your doctor. Unfortunately, now they have your health plan or Medicare number, and they can bill Medicare thousands of dollars for medically unnecessary tests or even services that you never receive. They also have personal genetic information regarding your health.” 

Beware: This is a SCAM!
These so called “Genetic Cancer Screening” labs are all scams. They do not report back to the Medicare recipients and are billing Medicare for services that are not truly being offered with results. The best advice I can give to anybody on Medicare is to NOT give out your Medicare number to anyone, unless you are working with a licensed insurance agent or your doctor, or if you are changing your Medicare plan. Further, do NOT give out your information at a fair, much less over the phone. Do not be a victim of Medicare fraud. Protect yourself and your benefits. 


  • Never give out your banking information or Social Security, Medicare and health plan numbers to someone you don’t know. 
  • Do not consent to any lab tests without a doctor’s order to do so. 
  • Keep it mind that it is ILLEGAL to accept anything of value in exchange for medical services.

For questions about Medicare or for more information, call: 
1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or visit www.medicare.gov

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